Build the City on the Moon

Theme Camp Applications are now closed.

Camp leads have been told if your group will receive placement.  The specific locations will be released with the map on 5/18.  If you are in a theme camp direct any questions to your camp lead.

What will our brave colonists find once we land?  Who will be there to welcome them with open arms? To provide sustenance and hydration? To entertain space-mad minds with powerful beats? To provide a soft and comfortable landing at the end of the day, and a jolt of energy at the start?

Just like on the playa, Theme Camps are a vital part of the Critical Northwest experience.  They entertain you in ways you couldn’t dream up, they relax your weary party heavy limbs, and they hydrate your dry and dusty innards.  From a playground for campers of all ages, to red light district sights only for the adults, someone will build it.  The friendly faces of our community are here to preserve our hopes and wishes for posterity, provide sustenance day or night, dress you for an evening out, and provide the beats to keep you moving.  There’s a camp for every desire or lazy ambition you can think up.  And if the camp of your dreams doesn’t exist… you can be the one to fix that!

Applicants were notified of placement.  Questions?

Theme Camp Survival Guide