“The sky is the limit only for those who aren’t afraid to fly!”

-Bob Bello

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Photo courtesy of Greg Tintin

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We’ve always looked to the sky- dreaming of exploration, of discovery, of a chance to build something new.  What would we do if we had the chance to start from nothing?  What would we create?

Photo courtesy of IRDeep

For fifteen years, Critical Northwest has brought people of Seattle and beyond together to discover the answers to those very questions.  Dedicated to championing the spirit and principles of Burning Man in the Pacific Northwest, we work every year to build something new right here in the woods and mountains of home.

This year, join us for a Trip to the Moon.

While we may be far from the harsh environment of the playa, our thriving community of dreamers and doers manage to create a bit of that magic in the forest.  Fire shooting monkeys and light up dinosaurs cruise through grassy meadows as music from under the stars echoes in the distance.  Wizards oversee contests of unusual skills and mer-people taunt those daring enough to brave the river.  Take a walk and discover a coffee shop from outer space, or a paintbrush and canvas waiting for you to make your own mark.  Cuddle with a friend to ward off the chill of the evening, or curl up beneath gilded tapestries and make a wish.

Photo courtesy of Chim Chim

Photo courtesy of Ignition Northwest

Critical is a participatory event.  There are no spectators.  All we have and do is possible only by coming together in the spirit of communal effort and gifting our time, talent, and skills.  From sculptures and theme camps, to mutant vehicles and performances, to rangers and first aid, we are 100% volunteer driven.

We follow the 10 Principles, and practice consent in all things.  We believe in radical inclusion.  We believe in leaving no trace, since you don’t deserve to reach the moon if you can’t care for the planet you have now.

Critical Northwest is your official Burning Man regional.  Join us to learn more.

Ignition Northwest Firestarter members: Your username is the email address used when you registered with INW.  Request a password reset to log in.  If you do not receive the password reset notification email communications@criticalnw.org
New members: Please allow 24 hours for your account to be created.

Photo courtesy of Sam Grahn

HR“Returning to Earth, that was the challenging part.”

-Buzz Aldrin

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