This morning general admission tickets ($110) sold out, leaving only 84 Contributor level tickets ($175) remaining. Parking passes having sold out two weeks ago.

This years ticket structure was broken up to give theme camps and artists guaranteed access to tickets and parking. Roughly 90 parking passes and 250 tickets were set aside for them, and another 150 tickets were set aside for artist/scholarship tickets and earned comps through grants or the hours earned program.
They have a deadline to purchase those tickets, by May 28th.  All tickets and parking passes not redeemed in that time will be added to the OMG sale.

Additionally, the parking department is working with the venue and on their maps to fit in as many cars as possible. Work parties are beginning now, and we are hoping to push out further to give more room for vehicles. New spaces will also be added to the OMG sale.

There is no way to know how many tickets or parking passes will be available in the OMG sale. As of writing about 50% of codes had been redeemed, but that number will climb rapidly with general admission selling out. The only guarantee we can give is there will be a small number of parking passes available during the OMG sale.

OMG sale is set to begin on May 15th at 7pm through brown paper tickets.



Photo By Espresso Buzz
Photo By Espresso Buzz