All the Critical ticketing info you need.

Tickets will go on sale in the spring of 2020

Note that you MUST be a member of Ignition Northwest to purchase tickets to Critical.  If you are purchasing multiple tickets at once you will need to provide the legal names for all attendees at the time of the transaction as well as the email address associated with their INW membership.  Anyone over 18 will also need to be a member of Ignition in order to attend.

Orders missing this information will be canceled and refunded! 

Ticket Prices

  • $120

    General Admission
  • $220

    Contributor Tickets

    This includes one admission ticket, one parking pass, one in/out pass, and special event schwag.

  • $60

    Artist/Performer and Scholarship Tickets

Add Ons

  • $25

    In/Out Passes
  • $10

    Parking Passes
  • $35

    Vehicle Camping Passes

    This is needed for anyone outside a theme camp who plans to use ANYTHING but a tent – cars, trailers, buses, RVs, etc.

Contributor Tickets

To help offset the cost of reduced rate artist/performer tickets, we will be offering a limited amount of contributor tickets at $220. Contributor ticket holders will be given special edition schwag, as well as both an in/out and parking pass.

Artist/Performer and Scholarship Tickets

There are a small amount of reduced cost ($60) tickets for artists, performers, and those with special financial needs requiring a little help to attend this year’s event. Tickets at the reduced rate are limited in quantity and meant only for those who truly need them. Because of the limited amount, it is possible not everyone who needs one will be able to get one, submit your application early!

Vehicle Passes

If you have a vehicle you’re intending to camp in, you’ll need to make sure you have a vehicle camping pass!  These are required for anyone who wants to camp in any vehicle outside a theme camp (even cars!).  This includes but is not restricted to: RVs, campers, cars, pop ups, teardrop trailers, boats on or off a trailer, moored dirigibles, antique WWI armored quadcyles, repurposed weinermobiles, popemobilies, hovercrafts (irregardless of eel status), Federation and non-Federation shuttlecraft (including mirror universe), and more.

Limitations are due to the geographical constraints of the space.  Much of the campground is inaccessible by car, much less large RV.  Walk-in camping areas are on narrow paths, not roads.  The sites accessible by a motor vehicle of any kind, much less campable, are limited.

Please be accurate in reporting your RV size- the sites vary in dimensions and should you arrive with a larger than expected camper, you may not fit into the area assigned to you by our spacement team.  You will need to report this info at the time of ticket purchase/

Note that Vehicles/RVs that are part of a theme camp and included on your theme camp application DO NOT NEED a vehicle camping pass.

If you sell your RV pass PLEASE notify Spacement and connect them with the person who purchased.  If you have a teardrop trailer and they have a 34′ motor home, they may not fit into the spot originally assigned to you.  Spacement will need to connect with them to make sure they fit once at the event.