Survival Guide

Before we begin our adventure in the woods, familiarize yourself with your environment! 


The Ten Principles

Radical Inclusion
Anyone is welcome to join our community. We welcome the stranger!
Our event is not sponsored or run by commerce. Aside from ice, there are no monetary transactions or advertising for monetary gain.
Instead of money, our community thrives on gifting. Through labor, performance, sustenance, or emotion.
Be here in this moment, not in the problems at home or out in the world. Find your reality, remain.
Radical Self Reliance
Discover and engage your own ability to not only survive, but thrive.
Radical Self Expression
Express and share your ability to thrive, no one but you can stop your expression or determine its value.
Communal Effort
We work together to foster creativity and build community.
Civic Responsibility
Each participant takes on a piece of responsibility to protect and benefit everyone.
Leave No Trace
Everyone takes away what they brought or find that was not there before we gathered.
Every principle pushes us to participate in many ways, no one is a spectator. We are all participants.


Code of Conduct

In addition to the ten principles, Critical has their own code of conduct. We want EVERYONE enjoying this community, but we can only foster that level of inclusion by being good to one another. The following are strictly prohibited and may result in expulsion from the grounds and/or revocation of ticket:

  • Unwanted, harassing or inappropriately lewd behavior or language
  • Over-intoxication
  • Use of illegal substances
  • Any conduct that is criminal
  • Causing, attempting to cause, or threatening injury or damage of another person or their property
  • Use of firearms or fireworks
  • Photography or video camera use without permission
  • Transphobic, Homophobic, Sexist, Ableist, Racist, or Hateful actions/threats/acts against any person

Ignition Northwest / Critical Northwest, at their sole discretion, reserve the right to revoke the ticket of and/or require any person to vacate the premises for reasons of nuisance, improper conduct or other rule violations, without refund of ticket fees.


If you want to come and go, you’ll need to purchase a pass for $25 before the event. You will need a government issued ID and your ticket stub for re-entry. Exits/returns need to happen during gate hours.
All profits from in/out goes to art grants the following year.

RV and Vehicle Camping

If it has wheels and you plan on sleeping in it, you need a vehicle camping pass. Spaces are limited because of our beautiful location, so be sure to buy one with your ticket once sales begin!
If you require a vehicle camping pass for medical reasons, please email


Parking is limited and we are required by fire code to keep lanes, so in order to arrive in a vehicle you’ll need one of the 425 parking passes available during ticket sales. All vehicles not in possession of a vehicle camping pass need a parking pass! Carpool!


Critical is only possible because of YOU! Our event is built, run, and cleaned up by our 100% volunteer team, and we need your help! Sign up at
If you do, you could earn a half priced or full comp ticket to next years event via our hours earned program!


We strive to do what we can to ensure folks with disabilities are able to enjoy our event too! Critical Northwest is held in a mountain valley with packed but unpaved roads and some inclines. There is running water available via spigots and charging stations throughout the venue, there is little to no cell phone reception.
If you need a motorized mode of transport, have a service animal, are unable to purchase a vehicle camping pass during the ticket sale, or have any other questions/concerns, please email and we will assist you however we can.

Mutant Vehicles

Register your mutant vehicle on the website before the event, and get it inspected at the event before you drive it! Read through the guidelines given to you by the DMV, keep it under 5mph, and never drive intoxicated.

What To Bring

-Your Physical Ticket!
-Reusable Cup 
-Lights for your camp (solar or battery!)
-Lights for your body
-Lights to see the portas at night
-Containers for water
-Enough food to last you the entire event
-Clothing for heat, cold, and rain
-First Aid kit
-Camping essentials (tent, sleeping bag, kitchen items, etc)
-Gray water storage
-1-ply toilet paper (in case the portas run out)
-Bike (optional)

What Not To Bring

-Animals of any kind (service animals need to cleared with production first)
-Styrofoam (it’s moop tastic!)
-Bad attitudes

Cell phone coverage is limited to non-existent, please be prepared to unplug! If you are in need of reception for any reason, purchase an in/out wristband.


The Event

Gate Hours

Monday July 3rd – July 7th
10am – 10pm
Saturday July 8th
10am – 1pm

In order to keep participants safe, there is no vehicle driving (mutant vehicle exempt) after dark. Arrivals after 8pm will be directed to parking until the following morning. You may walk in your items from there or camp there for the night.
If you are unloading your car and not able to return your car to parking by 8pm, please pull it off the road for the night!

There is no entry outside of gate hours.


There will be a large updated map at the greeters station to help you find available camping or space reserved for your project! You can also refer to the map in your field guide, or ask an ambassador for assistance. Keep an eye out for survey flags, they are placed throughout and reserved for specific things:
Red Flag – Theme Camp
White Flag – Art installation
Blue Flag – RV/Vehicle Camping

After 5pm on Wednesday July 5th, any space not yet occupied with a flag is open to anyone!


Criticals very own center camp! Grab some free coffee and relax, play board games, attend a workshop, or view the large collection of art not able to be on display outside.


$3 gets you a bag of real frozen ice from 10am-5pm at the HUB

Free Coffee

Volunteers will keep the urns hot for your coffee, tea, and hot beverage needs in the HUB from 6am-1pm.


-The double fireplace/shelter next to HUB is our community fire pit! Bring some wood, leave some wood, burn some wood!
Ember fires are only permitted in the chimneys/fire rings installed on the property. No wood fire pits from home, no coal/wood BBQs.
-Propane fire pits are allowed as long as they are 10 ft from any structure, tree, or combustible surface
-Kitchens using propane stoves must have a fire extinguisher at the ready! No cooking within your tent or under a canopy.
-All fire art, including poofers, must follow and comply with the Ignition Northwest Flame Effects Guidance, register pre-event, and pass inspection by Fire Safety Leads.
-Fire performers need to submit emergency contacts before the event, and attend a safety class during the event in order to spin. Ignited performances take place at the amphitheater or effigy.


We are fortunate to have potable water available on site, so by all means use it! Spigots are only for filling up receptacles, washing/bathing is not permitted for public health reasons. Create a shower and dish washing system for yourself in your camp, and store the gray water to dispose of at home. Gray water free of food debris and only containing biodegradable soap can be disposed of in the bushes away from camps or art.


Theme Camps and Artists are on the grid, but general campers can not be. Do you see those little lightning bolts on your map though? Those are charging stations just for you!


Please be aware that we share the roads with masonic members. As such nudity is only allowed in walk in camping, the red light district, on the path and at the swimming hole, and in personal camps not visible from the road.

Adult Themes & Family Friendly

Critical caters to everyone, which means we can have small children, kinksters, introverts and the dance all nighters. Be respectful of safe places for those who need them, and set your own boundaries by avoiding areas that are problematic for you. Don’t take your kid to the red light district, and don’t bring a boombox into a meditation tent.

Consent is Critical

We have a zero tolerance policy for consent violations, But what does consent mean?
Consent means:
-Receiving an enthusiastic yes!
-Receiving it before initiation
-Receiving it when no one is intoxicated
-Stopping when it turns into a no OR silence
-Always receiving it verbally, consent is never an assumption!

Consent is for physical and verbal acts, ask before touch, ask to negotiate, ask to take a picture.
That yes yesterday or last week is not a yes today, ask consent before each act!
Take a no gracefully and go find someone with an enthusiastic yes!

If your consent has been violated, find a Ranger immediately and make a report. They are trained to handle your violation with care, your protection and safety is first priority.

Is That a River?! Be Prepared!

Hey whoa it is! You should swim in it cause it’s hot and summer and stuff!
Before you do, make sure you’re radically self-reliant:
-No wading, swimming or general “going-into-the-river” between dusk to dawn. This activity creates a dangerous situation for you or anyone trying to save you.
-Tell people where you’re going.
-Use the buddy system! Buddy? Buddy!
-Walk carefully to the swimming hole or along the shore. Mountain rivers have massive boulders that require mindful navigation.
-Bring a few towels, that river is cold and they might not dry quickly in our humid state.


Loud Hours 8am-12am
Quiet Hours 12am-8am
Participants who have not registered for a music note AND are not part of a theme camp are to keep their amplified sound at 65 decibels read from 20ft from the source. We have volunteers (Sound Equalizers) who can help you find the right setting and help mitigate any complaints. Be respectful of your neighbors!
During quiet hours one battery powered speaker with no sub may be played in your camp as long as it is inaudible from 30ft away. If there are any complaints, or it is heard outside of the acceptable range, you will be asked to turn it off for the night.
Repeat offenses will result in suspension of your ability to play music, and no one wants that! Keep it respectful, and ask for guidance and you can keep the music going all week long.


You’ve got questions and they have answers! They’re like the elders of our community, information you need or didn’t know you need, and your connection to department leads during the event. Look for bright parasols marked ‘Ambassadors’ or find them at the greeters station across from parking.

First Aid

We have a volunteer driven around the clock Red Cross Certified first aid team! They are here to patch you up, make sure you’ve had your daily dose of snark, pass out condoms as much as bandaids, and offer up a safe place to ask uncomfortable questions.


They’re kind of like Sweden, they remain neutral and safe for all parties involved and help facilitate mediation. Unlike Sweden, they can offer up information that’s easy to understand and doesn’t require an allen wrench. Rangers are the eyes and ears of the community, the friendly face you need if you injure yourself or having a hard time.

First Aid and Rangers are on duty 24/7. You can find them roaming the event on foot, in their marked carts/vehicles, or at the Rangers First Aid Outpost marked RFO on your map.

Leaving No Trace

Everything you bring must go home with you. Pack it in? Pack it out. There are no trash cans at Critical, any trash you create (or find) needs to be disposed of in your own camp and taken back home with you! Don’t throw away food in the bushes either, it attracts animals and insects. Stake down anything that can blow away into the woods, and secure your trash from animals.
Tips for easier LNT and limiting your moop (matter out of place)
-Bring a plastic tote to store your trash securely from animals, and it’ll keep it from spilling in your car on the way home!
-Remove all unnecessary wrapping/packaging before leaving to help cut down on waste
-Use battery powered lights instead of disposable glowsticks

Be sure to do a MOOP sweep of your camp before leaving the event!


Pack your items before you grab your car, this helps cut down on vehicle congestion on the roads which helps everyone leave quicker. Parking attendants may ask you to wait a bit before leaving the lot with your car.
Participants are required to leave by 12pm on Sunday July 9th
Theme Camps and Artists have until 5pm to pack up their installations.
Have some unopened consumables? Consider gifting it to DPW/Production on your way out at Gate!