Vehicle Camping

PassesĀ are sold out for 2017

RV, Camper, Trailer, and Vehicle Camping is ONLY available to registered theme camps or participants who purchase a pass! If it has wheels and you want to park it within the event, you will need a camping pass.

There are only 47 passes available to general participants on a first come, first served basis!
-40 general placement passes are available for $25 each
-7 assigned hookup passes (water/power only, no dumping available on site) for $55 each

If you are part of a theme camp, you do not need to purchase one of the passes above! Notify your camp lead and make sure they register your rv/trailer in your camps application.

By purchasing a vehicle camping pass, you are agreeing to arrive by July 5th at 5pm, all unused passes expire after this time and placement for your camping vehicle can no longer be made.