Mutant Vehicles

Registration is Open!


We’ve got our very own DMV!

Are you building, participating or leading a Mutant Vehicle?! Come share your creations! Critical NW is the perfect venue to test your creation before Burning Man or to create something new for your community. Get those gremlins out of the electrical system, test your lighting setup or break in your sound system.

What Are Mutant Vehicles?

Mutant vehicles are motorized vehicles that have been radically, stunningly and safely modified. Critical NW now has the ability to host your creation and wants you to participate!

How Does It Work?

To accommodate everyone, Mutant Vehicles must pre-register. Any vehicles not registered will be denied at the gate.

The only vehicles allowed to drive during the event are registered and inspected Mutant vehicles, vehicles for those with disabilities, and official-use vehicles. Non-motorized vehicles need not register.

Licensing Criteria

Radically modified: The vehicle must not resemble the original vehicle it was based on. We will not judge you on your art, only on how much it’s been modified. Painting flowers on your commuter car does not mean it’s been radically modified. Street vehicles with minimal changes and temporary decorations are not Mutant Vehicles.

Vehicle Classes:

Large Vehicles

  • This includes buses, large trucks and anything with a VIN
  • Due to safety and space constraints, these vehicles are free to roam the outside perimeter loops but can not enter the center of the event site.

Small Vehicles

  • This includes modified golf carts, ATV’s and other non-VIN vehicles.
  • These vehicles can traverse all roads, but not walk in camping roads.

Vehicle Safety

  • Your vehicle will need to be inspected for safety BEFORE it is driven. You can make it look dangerous, but we don’t want anyone hurt.
  • Flame effects will need to be inspected by Fire Safety before being used. Due to the venues trees/growth, flames may not be used while vehicle is in motion and only in designated areas.
  • There will be strict 5mph speed limit enforced.
  • Always give right of way to pedestrians and service vehicles.
  • Mutant Vehicles must always stay on designated roadways.
  • Never drive under the influence. Even suspicion of this is grounds for revocation of your DMV permit.

You will be asked to sign an acceptance form stating that you understand these rules and accept the liability before a Mutant Vehicle is permitted. Critical Northwest / Ignition Northwest assume no responsibility for your vehicle. Failure to comply with all of the safety standards and rules is grounds for revocation of your DMV permit.

Night License

In addition to daytime guidelines, to drive around at night, you need more than just a flashlight!

  • Radically lit; we are not judging you on your art.
  • Make it visible from all sides.
  • No naked headlights when going through camps.
  • Please place gels over headlights.

Sound systems

  • Vehicles must abide by Critical NW sound Policy.
  • Be respectful of your surroundings, only play at the sound level appropriate for your area.
  • If someone is screaming at you “It’s too loud!”, it probably is.

 Once approved on site, you’ll be given a registration sticker. Please place it in a visible location!