Art Installations

Got some art you want to build or bring? Apply for a grant or placement for finished projects!

 2017 Effigy

The Sword of Duke. E

2017 effigy
From the artist, Eric Vanburen:

Our community thrives in choosing our own adventures. We strive to make our own quests for things prized to us, as well as the unexpected side quests. We take new hobbies and turn them into careers of vibrant costumes and sculpted metal. We climb the most daunting mountains to achieve that rare prized artifact. Normally, that prize is the quest itself.

In this art piece, it will be a interactive Sword in the Stone, just like the one from the tales of Camelot.  This will be displayed prominently for whomever deems themselves worthy to remove it.  The rock will be 4 tall and 8 feet wide and 10 feet long.  There will also be stairs on the rear side to allow people to try their hand in removing it.

 2017 Grant Recipients


Announced March 15th!