Art Installations

2017 Grant Recipients 

A Forge in the Forest

Members of the PNW DPW are building a propane forge in order to teach the very basics of blacksmithing and smelting to others.



“Amplifire” is to a Fire Performer what an electric amplifier is to a musician….

As One


As One is an interactive, biofeedback-driven flame effect in sculpture form. When the two players synchronize their heart rates, their shared pulse explodes across the sky.

Burma Shave


Burma Shave signage are the familiar snark and love welcoming you into the event along the long road to greeters.

Disco Tech


Disco-O-Tech is a modular lighting system of lighted discs that can be hung in unique arrangements that then work together to display light patterns as a whole.

Electric Flowers

A stand of giant, multicolored lighted flowers. Large scale. Simple elegant lines.



Freedom Wall

“FREEDOM WALL” consists of 6 (30″ x 40″) panel boards & trays of pastels for people to write/draw what they’d like to be free of, that I’ll wax, burn & create beauty.

Geo Shine

Geo Shine is an interactive giant “Lite Brite” that draws the users to explore imagery within sacred geometric platform. Created out of reclaimed materials and plastic water bottles as the pegs. 


Kaotika is a ~4m tall free-standing monolithic timber sculpture made from railroad sleepers stacked vertically and bolted together, with alternately oriented layers offset by 45 degree angles.



A shady oasis in the day, after dark Neuralizer becomes a brilliant beacon of evolving colors and patterns, existing only in the observer’s mind. Hue, waveform, and their changes activate areas in the visual cortex concerned with filtering repeated stimuli to create this illusion.


“Shadows” is the light-and-sound show you’ve always wanted to put on for your friends.


Synferno is an group of flame effects that are sequenced, synchronized, and controlled by DJs and other electronic musicians. Beats and heats.

The Harmoniscope V2.0


The Harmoniscope is a mysterious structure that transports participants to another place in space-time. They must decipher a language and audio/visual cues, while using kaleidoscopes and controls to collectively align the reactor core, initiating a sequence that will bring them to their destination.

The Sword of Duke. E

2017 effigy

Our community thrives in choosing our own adventures. We strive to make our own quests for things prized to us, as well as the unexpected side quests. We take new hobbies and turn them into careers of vibrant costumes and sculpted metal. We climb the most daunting mountains to achieve that rare prized artifact. Normally, that prize is the quest itself.
In this art piece, it will be a interactive Sword in the Stone, just like the one from the tales of Camelot.  This will be displayed prominently for whomever deems themselves worthy to remove it.  The rock will be 4 tall and 8 feet wide and 10 feet long.  There will also be stairs on the rear side to allow people to try their hand in removing it.

Art Installations

 Coyote Garden

The Coyote Garden is an interactive kinetic art exhibit created by over 30 artists and designers from around the world over the last few years. Each coyote in the garden is a separate canvas that was presented to artists with complete artistic freedom (and UV-reactive paints).
As ridiculous as it is, the Coyote Garden was also created in part to help increase “coyote consciousness” and break down the 200+ year misinformation campaign that has vilified coyotes and made them the most persecuted animal in America history. After making its debut at Burning Man 2014, the Coyote Garden returned to the playa in 2015, and also appeared at Critical NW last year with the Dante’s InFURno camp. After Critical, it will be returning to the playa with Dante’s.


Step right up! Have a peek! Maybe you’ll see something unique!
Welcome to Critical Northwest’s BIGGEST Miniature Diorama Museum!
Enjoy stories told and lessons learned through the most technologically advanced medium that exists in the 21st Century, small-scale dioramas.

Live Painting/Drawing

Miguel Ludert will be working on live painting and drawing on large surfaces and invite others to join in.

N.E.S (Northwest Excitement Station)

Come and play a larger than life retro gaming experience. Get your friends to play on our collaborative NES system! (Northwest Excitement System)


White flash of feathers float
Spreading in silver moonlight
Graced by harmony

Page 152

If want to inspect the strange treasure, please turn to page 152. If you wish to ignore it, head to the river


Pentaphilia is a twisting, tunneling, geometric object in space. It celebrates the oddity and primality of FIVE. Double-shapes of FIVE sides, adorned with lights in clusters of FIVE. Walk its tunnels, grok its lines, and worship FIVE.

shrine of prayer flags


The Fire Pendulum

250 lb Pendulum you direct to create fire designs in the earth, if you dare.

The Starfield

The starfield is an immersive 3 dimensional grid of RGB LEDs. A variety of entrancing visuals will be displayed. Some of these visuals respond to participants inside of the piece or sound near the piece. The piece will play calm, ambient music, creating a calming oasis of light and sound.

Tiniest Theme Camp

Come visit the smallest theme camp at Critical! You may never see the fairies as they go about their business (they move quickly and are often out dancing), but the results of their play and antics are out for all to enjoy.

Web of Dreams

This ain’t your Gramma’s crochet! Web of Dreams is 84k feet of crocheted doilies, tunnels, and swings for your climbing adventures.